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Written By: Annie Born

Where Can Solid Timber Benchtops Be Found?





When Entertaining…






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Choose your Design

32mm thick Solid Timber Benchtops.

Made from a selection of timbers to create a great finish!

Sanded, Joined, Moulded ready Raw or Oiled, Polished ready to install!



Choose your timber









Tasmanian Oak






N.G Rosewood






European Beech






American Oak






Australian Jarrah






Choose Your Board Width

Solid Timber Benchtops Specifications:-


  • 20mm butt joints
  • or 90mm lightening joints
  • laminations 32mm thick per  L/M
  • sizes upto 300mm – 1200

20mm butt joints












90mm lightening joint






Please Note…

Standard thickness of all benchtops is 32mm thick.

Standard laminations are 20mm laminations (butt joint).

Wide lamination 90mm (stronger join with a lightening joint increasing the amount of glue in the join by 50%).


Do you need the benchtop raw or lacquered?


  1. I am building my own kitchen, but I am up to joining benchtops together. I have solid bamboo benchtops. Do I glue the joins before I put in the benchtop joiners?

    • Annie Born says:

      Great question!

      Let’s say the bench top joiners are the metal connectors for assembling a bench top together.
      Then yes, you do need to glue the timber joins together before you put the bench top /connectors joiners together.
      This seals the join to help protect your benchtop.

      Also, Another handy trick is for you to put a fine bead of clear silicon at the top edge of the timber join to help seal.

      Hope it all goes well 🙂

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